Webinar Successes in late 2017 and early 2018

DFS Team members, in association with ACEC (Association of Canadian Engineering Companies), just completed a very successful series of 4 Webinars on administrative aspects of an engineering consulting firm, especially formulated to appeal to young professionals entering their careers as consulting engineers.

This first set of Webinars, which, by the way, was over-subscribed, was extremely well received by the participants, with many immediately writing unsolicited ‘thank-you’ notes in glowing terms including: ‘very useful information’, ‘very informative and enjoyable’, ‘enjoyed the session, appreciated the industry benchmarks’, ‘really good information’, ‘good job guys thanks’ and the like.

Registration numbers surpassed all expectations underlining the need for this type of training for young professionals. Consulting managers and principals realize that the more their young staffers understand the business of consulting, the more they will show interest in the success of projects and the important aspect of client satisfaction.

Initially basic subjects include the operating profile of departments or small firms, managing projects, introduction to marketing services, and risk management.
Further seminars planned would include, people skills, career planning, integrity management, financial accounting, firm evaluation and the like.

The association repeated the series of 4 Webinars in the early part of 2018, to accommodate late registrations and potential participants who could not be accommodated. Again the numbers attained were very satisfactory. If one ads the fact that some registrants shared the view with large screens, the actual numbers exceed the confirmed registrations. There are some 400 consulting engineering firms in Canada. If say one quarter do their own basic training in the business aspects of consulting, that still leaces a fair numbe of young professionals out there to be trained. As these are interactive sessions we found, through the Q and A sessions, that non-engineering staff also participated, They came mostly form the accounting groups of various firms.

The Webinars are presented by several members of the DFS partnership, all of whom are well qualified, having been in long-term careers in major consulting firms, and also having international recognition as approved trainers, by FIDIC the International Federation of Consulting engineers.

Here are some typical quotes from enthusiastic “thank-you” notes received following the Webinars:
– enjoyed the sessions, appreciated the industry benchmarks
– good presentation
– very informative and enjoyable
– really good information

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