DFS selected for FIDIC next generation Future Leaders Management Program

Following a detailed proposal to the International Federation of Consulting Engineers, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, FIDIC, (the acronym for the French title of “Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs Conseil”.), in the fall of 2018, DFS was selected for an initial three-year period for a program of management training for up-and-coming professionals. The program starts in 2020.

DFS Design Firm Seminars, is the Canadian partnership founded in 2011, to offer training in subjects related to managing consulting firms. To know more see designfirmseminars.ca.

The main focus of this FIDIC program is to strengthen the business expertise of young engineers and other professionals acting in the field of consulting engineering

The DFS designed program responds to input from young professional engineers all over the world, both as to cost and content. It features live online training delivered in different time zones, case study ‘homework’ posted on an e-platform and reviewed by trainers who are in part graduates of former FIDIC programs, and an optional FIDIC conference attendance, at an international location.

DFS along with ACEC (Association of Canadian Engineering Companies) pioneered a similar successful program for Canadian young professionals and acknowledges the influence this success had on the development of an international program.

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