More Activity with DFS pioneered Certificate Program

Fresh from international success with FIDIC, DFS and ACEC Canada have collaborated on a new Canadian Management Training Program leading to a Certificate in Engineering Management awarded by ACEC Canada. This Certificate has as its objective to encourage exploring the business aspects of the consulting industry and to assist in Professional Development Unit (PDU) accreditations in applicable provinces. The program will run in 2021 and was fully subscribed as of December 2020, possibly necessitating a second edition.

It features three distinct modules:

The first Module will explore management concepts and theory through online learning.  Two-hour sessions are open to live participation or available through online recordings. The program instructors will deliver 4 separate learning sessions on topics such as:

Sales and Marketing

Proposals, contracts, and scope definition

Project planning

Motivation & delegation

Interpersonal skills

Integrity Management

In the Second Module, working online in pre-assigned groups, participants answer  case study questions  developed by the program instructors. The groups will prepare a presentation on their case study that they will deliver in Module 3. Case studies will be evaluated by the program instructors and awarded a pass/fail grade at the conclusion of the program.

For the third Module, groups will showcase their new skills and knowledge by delivering their case study presentations to a panel of senior industry leaders from the ACEC Board of Directors and ACEC Past Chair’s Council. This will be an opportunity for participants to enhance their presentation and public speaking skills and interact directly with panel members.

Groups will also receive feedback and evaluation from the panel on the content and delivery of their presentations.

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