Success with the FIDIC FLMC Sessions

The 2020 season brought great success. The first edition of the FIDIC FLMC program. (FLMC stands for Future Leaders’ Management Certificate) was completed. Aided by a group of younger evolving engineering executives (see bios below) DFS has not only regenerated content and delivery but added extra credibility, as these recent DFS Associates are all graduates of FIDIC’s past Young Professional Training Programs. Some were taught by the very senior partners of DFS.
The new program was, coincidentally, fully compatible with an online approach, brought on by the COVID Pandemic. And since the onsite Geneva conference for 2020 was replaced by an online series of events, DFS quickly and ably adapted and created an online event for the graduation ceremonies. All in all, many student participants independently wrote to us praising the program and thanking the trainers for personal interest in their learning experience. This applied particularly to the required case study analyses, where often several trainers took time to comment on replies, directly communicating with candidates, on a platform available and visible to all. It is a totally unique learning experience, which can be emphasized in coming sessions.

Bios of DFS Associates:

Dr Michele Kruger (South Africa). Michele has a Master and Doctorate degrees from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. She was an Associate Director at CSVwater and is a past board member of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA). She helped launch the CESA Women’s Forum and chaired the FIDIC Young Professionals Forum and the FIDIC Capacity Building Committee. She currently participates in the FIDIC Future Leaders Management Certificate and chairs the FIDIC Inclusivity and Diversity Task Team. Michele’s impressive recognitions include ‘Best Paper by a Young South African in the field of Water Science and Technology’; ’Young Engineer of the Year’ and ‘Women in Civil Engineering Award’. South Africa.

Michael Walker
(Canada). Michael specialized in Environmental Engineering, at the University of Alberta, Canada. At the University of Alaska, he studied Arctic Engineering. He is registered as a Professional Engineer in Canada, and in the State of Texas and is a Project Management Professional (PMP) through (PMI). He currently works in Western Canada, as a branch manager, and has experience with large multi-national public companies, construction companies and small consulting firms. He is active in FIDIC and is a graduate of FIDIC’s Management Training Program (the predecessor to FLMC). He is a board member of the Consulting Engineers of Alberta. A recipient of the 2017 ACEC-SK Young Professionals Award, he is also the 2018 winner of the Allen D. Williams Scholarship through ACEC-Canada.

Richard Stump (United States). Richard has a master’s degree in Architecture from MIT and a Bachelor of Science degree in Architectural Studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His work experience includes international assignments on US military projects, business development and growing markets in the Pacific, the Middle East, Horn of Africa, North Africa, India, and Afghanistan. His work experience includes projects in 39 different countries. Richard served as Chairperson of FIDIC’s Young Professionals Forum Steering Committee from 2006-2008. As member of the FIDIC Integrity Management Committee, he helped develop and rollout FIMS, the FIDIC Integrity Management System.

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