New second series of 2018 Webinars offered by ACEC in association with DFS

The 2017 first set of webinar series was such a success that it was repeated in the spring of 2018. Now ACEC, (Association of Canadian Engineering Companies) in association with DFS, have partnered together again to create a second series of webinars for November 2018, to help young professionals develop skills essential for a successful career as a consulting engineer. The topics covered in the series are outlined below.

Each Canadian Webinar session begins at 12:00pm EDT (noon) and lasts for 2 hours including a ½ hour Q and A.  Dates are found on the ACEC web-site.

Webinar 1:

Involves what is required to move from one stage to the other, the dos and don’ts of proposal writing, and getting an acceptable agreement. This session will cover the basic formats and general conditions of recommended agreement formats.

Webinar 2:

All projects are done by groups of people; that means planning and delegating as well as follow-up, all under budget and schedule pressures. Learn planning and managing principles applicable to most projects to support success on your next project.

Webinar 3:

The successful delivery of a project entails understanding the whole contracting process as well as the rights and duties of the consulting engineer. Learn how to avoid pitfalls when you are sent to the field.

Webinar 4:

Allows you to plan your success in the consulting environment. Learn people skills and approaches to dealing with teams and being the project manager, everyone wants to work with. There is a short on-line exam at the end to allow participants to gage their progress.

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